Western Union Financial Services Inc. a100% subsidiary of First Data Corporation (USA) is money transfer agents having 3, 00,000 plus locations spread in over 200 countries. It is the world’s largest money transfer network providing money transfer services and operates through its primary agents in India. There are around 12-14 Principal Agents of Western Union out of which Reliance Money Express is the first & top principal agent.

About the Sub agency Agreement

A. S Tours & Travels as the sub agent of reliance money express will offer money transfer services for inward remittances received from clients of Western Union Financial services (USA) in India. In India the Inward Remittances through the Western Union Channel primarily come from:

  • NRI’s and Indians abroad who send Money home to family and friends on a regular basis.
  • Foreign Tourists visiting India receive Money in India at times of crisis, with lost or stolen money.
  • Money sent to people of foreign origin (for personal use) stationed in India working in High Commissions, School/ Colleges etc.

A. S Tours & Travels is committed to use their best efforts not only in developing, promoting and increasing the service but also in enhancing the goodwill associated with the Trade names, Trademarks and Service marks of Western Union.

A few basic Operational Guidelines are provided below and Reliance Money Express would earnestly request you to kindly follow these guidelines while handling the Western Union transactions at your counter:

To Receive Money Form – First & the foremost thing is to get the ‘To Receive Money Form (TRM)’ properly filed up by the customer with their valid photo identification.

First/Last Name – The First/Last name of the individual should be captured as printed in the identification document (original should be sighted at all times).If this is in variance with the TRM form, the consumer should be requested to enter the correct name and sign the TRM form. Care should be taken to ensure that this field is not filled with characters not present in the identification document.

Address Details – Full address details should be captured in the separate lines provided the city name and pin code should also be captured in appropriate fields.

List of valid Id’s

In case of Indian Nationals:

  • Valid Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
  • Pan ID
  • Ration Card (With Photograph)
  • Refugee ID Issued by UN
  • Government ID,s (only Presently Employed)
  • In case of Tibetans, only Registration Certificate issued by Indian Govt.

In case of Foreign Nationals:

  • Only valid passport with valid Indian visa
  • In case of Bhutan or Nepal, only Passport is to be accepted as visa is not required.

Note: No Green card or foreign driving license is to be accepted.

List of unacceptable Id’s

  • Student ID
  • Bank passbook (allowed for banks only)
  • Learning License
  • Gun License
  • ID Issued by any private firm or an organization.
  • Nepal or Bhutan citizenship card.
  • Monastery ID’s issued to Tibetans

Process flow

  • The Customer approaches the A. S Tours & Travels Sub Agent Location for his payment.
  • A. S Tours & Travels Sub Agent Location Requests the customer to fill the following “To Receive Money Form”. The LEFT HAND SIDE of “To Receive Money Form” is to be filled by customer.

Please ensure that the receiver signs the declaration at the bottom of the “To Receive Money Form”.

  • The Customer presents any of the following VALID PHOTO IDENTIFICATION (as per the list given earlier)
  • A. S Tours & Travels Sub Agent Location will examine the ‘To Receive Money Form” to see that it is legible and complete Ask the Customer for MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER (MTCN) which is a MANDATORY REQUIRMENT and clarify any items that are unclear or illegible.
  • A. S Tours & Travels Sub Agent Location will obtain and record the Valid ID and MTCN from the Receiver on the Right Hand side of the Form.
  • A. S Tours & Travels Sub Agent Location will fill details in the AUTHORISATION SLIP (as shown below) and fax the same to Reliance Money Express CAC (Centralize Authorization Centre) in Delhi.
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